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If you are a woman and you are tired of housekeeping while the man beside you lie on the couch – no loose tears.

The time will come when seats will be exchanged. The bad thing is that forecasts are far – only after 50 years.British experts say that now is a tendency for the changing roles of women and men in housework and the day will come when strong gender will dominate this field, reported in. “Daily Mail”.The ladies, however, will have to wait 50 years until that happens.

For now able to enjoy when their husbands ironed laundry and loading the dishwasher. These are tasks that they do most willingly and have been adopted as “male”, together with the disposal of garbage. They tend to shop equally with women.

Until nine years men will see their task and laundry. The bathroom will begin to clean up after 16 years. You will then engage in cooking, but will do so more often than their partners only after 36 years. To wipe dust, but will avoid for another 52 years.As for the traditional male obligations – washing cars, dumping garbage and gardening there is no sign roles to be replaced soon. 31 percent of women, however, to take on the repairs, and 20% with assembling furniture.Only 7% of fathers said they would stay home to watch the baby.

Now women wash clothes and clean bathroom twice as often as men. As for vacuuming, arrangement and changing of sheets, fair sex still got on with 79% of those duties.

And if you are from those women who don’t spend their time with rаg in the hand. If you are working woman with good career or just you cleaning is not your favourite task and you don’t want wait 50 years until men engage with it. Then better turn to specialists like End of tenancy cleaning North London

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